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When I recently saw the new Sears Connecting Flights blogger holiday campaign, I smiled and then laughed out loud.

Yes, it’s a funny commercial, but more importantly, I was tickled to death to see bloggers as key characters in the ad campaign because only a few years ago bloggers were known as geeky folks who sat behind computer screens writing random thoughts. Now, bloggers are on mainstream television selling products or talking about their blog!

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This is a big deal.

Obviously a lot has changed. Advertisers, brands, and television shows are waking up to the value and influence of bloggers. We now see bloggers as pitch people, experts on television panel discussions, or as the go-to person in the front row of several new talk shows such as Katie Couric’s new talk show, Katie.

While there is a good chance the bloggers portrayed in the Sears Connecting Flights campaign are actors, it’s still cool to see that bloggers matter enough to garner a mention. Nice job, Sears! This means that on some level, brands are paying attention and realize the importance of connecting to bloggers.

We’ve invited many of you to create videos on your YouTube channel as a way for us to put you in our Blogger Spotlight–a cool way for brands to get to know you. Guess what? You are doing it! The videos are coming in.

Mary Hitchings, creator of the blog Raising Dick and Jane
Photo courtesy Mary Hitchings

TBC just received a great video for the TBC Blogger Spotlight. Blogger Mary Hitchings is author of the blog Raising Dick and Jane. She credits The Blogger Connection group with helping her fine tune her new blog. Mary’s You Tube video is her first one, and she submitted it to us to be featured in the Blogger Spotlight.

Yeah Blogger Connection group, and good job on the video, Mary!

Another TBC blogger, Vicki Winters, continues to connect with brands via YouTube video and The Vicki Winters Show. The last time we saw Vicki, she was reporting from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. During the disaster, she found time to thank one of her favorite brands, Coleman Cooler, a brand Vicki found she could rely on in good, bad, AND disastrous times.

Don’t stress out about creating a video. Keep it short and simple. Mary’s debut video time of two minutes and 50 seconds is great for The Blogger Spotlight. It is also good to make it shorter, anywhere between two minutes and two minutes 30 seconds. Sitting in front of the camera talking about yourself, your blog, and one or two of the brands you like is also a great idea.

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When you feel more confident in front the camera, you will get fancier with your videos and add a few more elements. You may even begin moving around during the taping. But for now, take baby steps, practice, and get ready for your television close-up!

Here blogger Vicki Winters says a BIG thank you to Coleman Cooler.


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Deborah J. Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell Media Associates – Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell Graphic – Design: Nay Ayache

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