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Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell
“It’s okay to let me in. I have a press pass.”
For any working journalist, those words are the key that can open the gate to the kingdom, allowing them firsthand access to people, places, and, eventually, stories. If there’s a breaking story, an event, or press conference to cover, a press pass is part of your entry package. For those of you not familiar with the press pass, it’s a credential that allows practicing journalists, usually affiliated with a specific news agency or organization, special privilege, benefits, and access.
The press pass and benefits are determined by one of the three agencies issuing the pass, including news organizations, law-enforcement agencies, and event organizers for a press conference or specific event. Since each card allows different benefits, the most desirable goal is to have multiple press passes.
Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell
During my years at CBS, I was issued a press pass to cover major, breaking news stories like 9/11 and lighter fare such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which I will talk about at the end of this post.
Most times, having a press pass at a major event allows you access to interview select individuals, get a press kit, and to gain entry to special rooms set up for press interviews. But the days of press passes being available only to serious journalists are over. With the rise of the Internet and bloggers being viewed as serious writers, press passes are now more available to them.
Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

Bloggers Can Get A Press Pass

For bloggers, the Event Specific Press Pass or Press Badge is probably the best of the three to apply for. Press passes are available for trade shows, community gatherings, sporting events, award shows, professional conferences, or major events of any type. The benefits of these passes are determined by the agency issuing them. If you are interested in getting a “press badge,” you should apply in advance, be prepared to offer samples of your work, stats on your blogs, reach, and niche.
If you write for a publication or organization, ask them to write a letter for you on their letterhead with information about your assignment. If all your data clears, then you might be able to get that press pass. If you don’t get cleared, no worries because  you might be able to buy a pass. Yes, buy one.


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