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At Ready4Air we are definitely ready for some warm weather! Spring is in close view and after Thursday, March 20, nature will begin to bloom. Our team at Deborah Mitchell Media Associates is also in bloom and excited about a few things on the horizon including our chance to work with more bloggers and brands. We will be offering a spectrum of opportunities for bloggers and brands to work together in social media and social TV through customized blogger outreach campaigns and brand awareness programs. These campaigns and programs will be  ideal for corporations eager to leverage specific markets within the blogger community.

DMMA will collaborate with blogger networks on campaigns including Twitter parties, which are strategic, interactive online discussions, and blogger events. The blogger community is very diverse and we have access to a niche group of bloggers that includes fashion, food, beauty, travel and of course mom influencers.  And if you are a blogger or personality interested in honing your on-camera skills we offer training and placement on your favorite television show.


Kelly and Michael Audience

Speaking of television shows, this week on Ready4Air we take a look at the audience who help bring a television show to life. A television host will be the first to tell you that their audience is a big part of a show’s success. The audience  brings energy, fun and sometimes make for  a  few good on-camera moments.  So  the job of show audience coordinator, who manages the fans who come out to support and be entertained,  is a very important one.

This week we hear from the head audience coordinator behind one of television’s hottest morning shows, Live! With Kelly and Michael. We’ll find out how much planning goes into getting an audience for the show,  if the audience receives anything for being a part of the audience and whether or not  the audience ever gets to meet or take pictures with show hosts Kelly Ripa or Michael Strahan.



As I gear up for my monthly visit with Chef Amadeus in the radio show  Southern Passion Lounge, I am taking a look back at a few of our past conversations about chefs  and branding. Being a chef is busy work and while they are busy creating culinary magic in the kitchen it leaves very little time for them to create and implement a social media presence and strategy. During my conversations with Chef Amadeus we figure out and I give tips on ways  for chefs to get started in the social media space.  This week, I will revisit a few of those leads.

On Screen Hosts.CoHosts

If you’ve been keeping up with the new show Arise, On Screen (where I am the Executive Producer), then you know that every week we have rotating co-hosts who join show host Mike Sargent (Film Critic) to review upcoming movies. Sitting in the co-host seat is not as simple as they make it appear and is even more challenging when you are sharing the co-host seat. It’s a delicate balance. Every week we decide who is the best fit to sit in the chair and banter with our host.

This week on Ready4Air I will share what goes into the decision process and when I know it’s the right fit. So stay tuned!


Deborah Mitchell Media Associates Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell Graphic Design: Nay Ayache

Deborah Mitchell Media Associates
Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell
Graphic Design: Nay Ayache

TV/Social Media Producer Debbie Mitchell is an Emmy nominated producer who is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA). She is currently a member of the James Beard Broadcast and New Media Awards Committee.  If you are a brand interested in Social TV, blogger outreach campaigns, or a blogger or personality interested in television placement follow Debbie Mitchell@SocialTVDeb and/or email If all else fails, her resourceful assistant, Sang, will find her.


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