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We all know that as moms, we wish we could have a peaceful day. By peaceful, I mean not one single iota of fighting, bribing, screaming, persuading, lecturing, begging, or crying from our little ones or from ourselves either! Wouldn’t life be so much easier if our kids would learn how to say the following:

Sure, Mom, I’d love to clean up my toys.
Speaking of toys, I have so many of them that I will never complain about being bored.
I love what you made for dinner. May I have more, please?
I’m tired. I’m going to go put myself to bed now.
I love the clothes you picked out for me today.
I’m going to brush my teeth twice today, and maybe even floss.
May I help you carry in the groceries, Mom?
I see you’re on the phone, so I am going to play quietly with my sister.
In fact, I love my sister so much that I am not going to fight with her ever again.
I have a ton of homework and a book report to do. Instead of watching TV, I’m going to get to work and not wait until the last minute.
I would rather read a book like you suggested instead of playing my video games today.
I’m going to take out the garbage for you so the house won’t smell.
I see you’re peeing, so I wont interrupt.
I see you’re pooping, so I will definitely not interrupt.
I was very sweaty today, so I am going to take a shower all by myself.
I may even clean my ears, wash my hair, and get all my body parts without you monitoring me.
I miss Me-ma and Pop-pop and know how happy it would make them if I called them, so where is the phone?
I know you just vacuumed, so I am going to take my shoes off before I walk in the house with muddy sneakers.
I know how bad candy is for my teeth, so I prefer if you stop buying it for us.
I love eating my vegetables, too.
I know I look messy when I don’t let you do my hair, so please brush it for me.
Mom, I know you’re tired from working so much, so why don’t you take a nap and we will play quietly.
May I have water? I hate sugary juice!
Mom, when I told you your belly jiggles I meant it was cute, not gross!
Mom, thank you!
AHHHH, if only!

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