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Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I have one perfect moment in the morning.

This morning was warm–finally, a warm, sunny day. I could feel the sun coming in through the window and it lit up the entire room, which might annoy me on another day as I try to desperately cling to the last delicious drops of sleep. But today, I was happy to see the sun, and it filled me with thoughts of the beach, and BBQ, blowing bubbles on the front steps, and weekends.

I roll over and see the back of my just turned 3-year-old lying next to me. She must have made her way to my bed in the middle of the night. I vaguely remember (nights tend to blur) my husband placing her little frame next to mine, and her sweetly sighing and settling in, as he kissed us both gently on our foreheads (mmmm).

Turquoise pajamas, silky with big bright cupcakes. Rumpled bed head and tiny little toes peeking out from beneath the tangled web of blankets. And for one moment–pure bliss–warm, safe, content, happy.

And then I glance at the clock and I know I have exactly three minutes before I have to wake my son up and get him ready for school. Then it happens. The thoughts, the routines, the I-have-tos. They all come flooding in.

“Did I remember to lay out his clothes last night? It’s warm; I hope I put out shorts. Baseball practice–I forgot to ask my dad to take him tonight. Have to call him later. What am I going to wear? I need some new stuff. Maybe I’ll go shopping this weekend. Can’t I have a birthday party? Baseball game on Sunday. Shit! I forgot to paint my nails; they’re all chipped. I’m supposed to write for the blog. Why did I decide to write a blog? Another show to cut. I hope I get a spot by the train station. What day is today? Thursday already! Almost the weekend. Have to call Kyle’s mom and ask if he can go to Adventureland with us on Saturday. I’ll text her later.

One last look at my baby peacefully sleeping next to me. I drink it in.

I roll over again and face the sun…1, 2, 3. Okay, I’m up.

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