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Arise On Screen first production meeting of 2015 Photo Credit: Lance Huff and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Arise On Screen‘s first production meeting of 2015
Photo Credit: Lance Huff and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Working in television is like riding a roller coaster. You work at incredible speed while juggling multiple things and hold on for the sharp, unexpected turns. Just last weekend, on March 7, our Arise On Screen team was in the office taping and celebrating my birthday. Last week, we got the unexpected news that our New York office will be on hiatus until April. It’s news that caught us off guard but didn’t completely surprise us since we had been experiencing a few production challenges during the past few months. Either way, being on hiatus in television–which, by the way, is defined as a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, or action–can be a fun or challenging time, depending on the circumstances.

This week in Ready4Air (TV), we’ll take a look at the experience of “Living In Television Limbo: When A Show Goes On Hiatus.”

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The cast of season 7 of The Celebrity Apprentice

The cast of season 7 of The Celebrity Apprentice

My social media chat with Geraldo got bumped last week, but it is back on the schedule. When I caught up with journalist and former talk show host Geraldo Rivera a few weeks ago–right before The Celebrity Apprentice finale–we talked about his first foray into reality television and his love of social media. I noticed that during The Celebrity Apprentice airing, Geraldo talked a lot about using social media during his many project challenges. I was impressed that at almost 72 years old, he has embraced and mastered the new media tools. But I really shouldn’t be surprised at all.

This week on Ready4Air (Social), I ask Geraldo a few questions about the world of communicating through social media. Rivera, who admits he didn’t embrace it right away, now says, “Generally speaking, it levels the playing field. I’m as powerful now as The New York Times or any gossip columnist. I can respond, and if you make a charge against me, I can come after you with equal vigor and equal visibility.”

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Lyndsay Christian, FiOS1 NewsPhoto Credit: Lyndsay Christian

Lyndsay Christian, FiOS1 News
Photo Credit: Lyndsay Christian

Guest contributor and FiOS1 News personality Lyndsay Christian is back with more firsthand reporting about life working in news. Lyndsay wrote a great post a couple of weeks ago about working as a one-woman or one-man band, where a reporter is responsible for all aspects of their production.

This week on Ready4Air (TV), Lyndsay’s post “I’m On Deadline: A Reporter’s Plan To Shoot, Write, And Edit For Air” takes us through the step-by-step process of planning a story efficiently from beginning to end in order to meet the ever looming deadline!

Photo Credit: Zsuzsanna Kilian

Photo Credit: Zsuzsanna Kilian

And finally, today we are sending birthday wishes to DMMA team member, copy editor Alexis Trass Walker! Thanks for taking such good care of Ready4Air. Enjoy your birthday!


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