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Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

What goes into choosing the right bloggers for an outreach campaign?

First of all, I think some bloggers work as hard or even harder than a few television producers I know. Remember, a lot of bloggers create daily content (print and video), engage on social media, attend events, and meet deadlines–all while raising a family. In the last three years, I have learned the blogosphere is an influential space that can also be tricky to maneuver. It is a community where friends and groups work together to make things happen–an attribute I greatly admire.

My talent is connecting bloggers to brands for online outreach campaigns. When producing these campaigns, it’s important to choose the right bloggers for the job.

During the holidays, I was asked to match a few bloggers for a New Year’s campaign. Since it was short notice, I immediately checked and posted in a few Facebook groups for bloggers who might be interested. I received quite a few responses. While I was happy to get feedback, I quickly learned that I needed an introduction to many of these bloggers because I didn’t know them personally. As a result, I turned to a few bloggers who I did know or who had impressed me with their professionalism at several events. Real life and virtual life share a few things–references are important.

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When I use the word right, I am referring to bloggers who not only have a media kit with an exceptional social media presence and numbers, but also they are reliable, professional, and have a good reputation. As a company offering blogger outreach, I rely on the bloggers who I connect with brands to maintain these quality characteristics.

Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

How To Become The Right Blogger For An Outreach Campaign

Meet your deadline. 

If you are asked to provide blog posts with links by a certain date, please have the posts with links ready before or on the due date. Preferably before, as this leaves room for edits and adjustments.

Being busy is not an excuse for missing a deadline. 

You are in charge of managing your time and responsibilities. The brand is expecting me to meet a deadline and if you miss your deadline, then the brand could miss theirs. If this happens, they will most likely not call you for a future campaign.

A referral does not guarantee campaign participation. 

Previously, I mentioned the blogger community is very tight-knit and friends will refer friends. However, if a brand chooses you for a campaign and you recommend a fellow blogger, there is no guarantee that your friend will be included in the campaign. It’s never personal; it is business. I, personally, will hold on to the blogger’s information and maybe he or she can be a part of another campaign in the future.

2013 SheStreams Conference, NYC Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

2013 SheStreams Conference, NYC
Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

Veteran bloggers are not the only bloggers.

Everyone has to begin somewhere and while the veteran bloggers have spent years building up their brand and reputation, newbie bloggers should never feel irrelevant. I believe in having a diverse group of campaign participants and will take a chance on the newbie bloggers who have a reputation for being professional and can meet a deadline.

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Bring your authentic voice.

The reason brands are so on board to work with bloggers is because they want you to write authentically about their product or experience and hopefully share it with your friends via social media. People ask me all the time, “How can you trust a blogger who is getting paid to write a post?”

I hope that when a blogger writes, she or he includes the positive and negative in a brand product or service review. If you want to give the brand a chance to respond to the negative, let me know and I can assist you in addressing it. I am always accessible either directly or through my assistant Sang.

I am happy to say that I know several great brands interested in connecting with that right blogger. My job is to find these bloggers and make the introduction. It’s a job I am more than excited to do.

If you are interested in being part of a campaign, we would love to hear from you. So contact me at @SocialTVDeb or email SocialTVDeb@gmail.com.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we discuss the meaning behind YouTube.


Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

TV/Social Media Producer Debbie Mitchell is an Emmy nominated producer who is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA).  She is currently a member of the James Beard Broadcast and New Media Awards Committee.  If you are interested in “ Book Case TV” or are a brand interested in Social TV, blogger outreach campaigns, or a blogger or personality interested in television placement follow Debbie Mitchell@SocialTVDeb and/or email SocialTVDeb@gmail.comIf all else fails, her resourceful assistant, Sang, will find her.

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