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In March, Joy Behar, one of the original cast members of ABC-TV’s “The View,” announced that she would be leaving the show after 16 years. Well, today is her final day on the program and of course they are sending her off in a big way.  I’ve been watching the show all week and yesterday was her last day live on-air since today’s farewell show was taped.

Throughout the week, Joy has been very casual and non-chalant about her departure, telling her co-hosts not to cry and playing down the sappy goodbyes.  Barbara Walters, the creator and other original cast member of “The View,” actually said her goodbyes on Wednesday knowing that she would not be in the studio on Thursday.

As I watched Joy on the show yesterday, I realized that it is the end of a TV era.  With Barbara Walters announcing her plans to retire in 2014, the show’s female ensemble will soon feature an all new cast.  When the show premiered in 1997, the cast members included: Star Jones, Meredith Vieira, Debbie Matenopoulos, Joy Behar, and, of course, Barbara Walters.

Truth be told, working on “The View” was a producer dream of mine. It always looked like they were having fun and the show airtime is perfect for their audience, not too early and not too late in the day.  I did get to work with Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie in 2000 on the pilot for Iyanla Vanzant’s talk show and boy do they run a tight ship.

Getting back on topic.

One by one, ladies over the years have left “The View.” Some by choice and others, not so much. With every vacant seat, viewers were left to wonder who could fill the chair and compliment the lively ladies’ morning conversations and interviews.

In the almost 17 years on air, the replacements have all brought their specific uniqueness and sometimes controversial  point of view to the table. Some people fit better than others.

Photo Credit- ABC-TV
The show already announced that Jenny McCarthy will join “The View” replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck who quietly slipped away to “Fox and Friends” on the Fox network last month. The show will be going on summer break soon and when they come back for the new season it will begin the long farewell to Barbara, a television icon.

“The View” is the fourth-longest running national daytime talk show in history.  There has always been five women at the table. Right now, it looks like they will be starting the next season with only four women at the table.
Who will be the fifth person on the panel?  I think adding a string of rotating straight and gay men to the daily mix might be a nice to way to shake things up and keep it interesting in the new year.  Guy Friday becomes a whole week event.

Now it is your turn. 
Who would you choose to sit in the fifth seat to take a little time to enjoy “The View”?
Photo Credit: Joan Massel Soncini
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