Deborah Mitchell Chef Amadeus

Deborah Mitchell is a monthly guest at The Southern Passion Lounge, a culinary online radio show hosted by Chef Amadeus. Listen in as she gives valuable advice to chefs everywhere about how to connect with fans through traditional and social media. 

May 2014

In this episode of the Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus, Deborah Mitchell talks about the Arise On Screen special coverage of the Festival of Cannes. Are you trying to develop a show for television, or are you a chef interested in hosting a reality series or a cooking competition show? Deborah has the perfect ingredients to cook that idea all the way into a pilot!

April 2014

Deborah Mitchell is on the Southern Passion Lounge again with host Chef Amadeus, and she talks reel in an in-depth look at sizzle reels and how they can be used. Previous contributions by Deborah about YouTube channels and quality audio are key ingredients to the perfect production sauce, so you will want to listen to those episodes as well.


March 2014

Deborah Mitchell stops by the Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus, as she puts on her producer hat again and gives listeners the 101 on how to make videos and create the perfect sizzle reel. Deborah’s tips in previous episodes on how to establish a solid social media presence and set up a YouTube channel come in handy, so keep listening!


February 2014

Chef Amadeus and Deborah Mitchell discuss Twitter etiquette, how to be social on social media, and how to gain more followers. Deborah talks about sharing video content, behind the scenes clips, and the power of Vine. With social media being used by clients for customer service, chefs  get tips on how to avoid online mistakes and keep a restaurant’s reputation at the same level as the great food!


January  2014

Chef Amadeus and Deborah Mitchell share advice with about how to create a good quality video. Deborah also gives a YouTube tell all: how to create a channel, upload videos, and promote  content. A chef can never be too prepared, or too punctual! Deborah brings her producing know-how to the table, whether she talks about growing a YouTube channel, contacting producers, networking through social media, or handling bad press and tough interviews.

December 2013

Deborah Mitchell and Chef Amadeus discuss the differences between social media platforms including, maintaining LinkedIn to grow professional relationships, the importance of visual content, and the value of introductions and recommendations. Deborah also gives some tips about pitching to food magazines and television shows, attracting more followers on social media, and she delivers some valuable advice about the reach and consequences of what you say online.


October 2013

The 2014 James Beard awards are coming up, and Deborah Mitchell and Chef Amadeus talk about the admission process and different categories. Video blogs are on the menu, so Deborah puts her experience as a producer to give tips on how to create a successful YouTube channel, cook on camera, and make the most of a TV interview.







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