TV Placement



Deborah Mitchell Media Associates will review all the options and determine the right environment for your television appearance. We will figure out the right format for you, whether it’s a taped or live interview of the company’s principal or placement on a local or national outlet. We will also review your current pitch and suggest possible enhancements so that you can attract the media attention that your brand or products deserve.


  • Creating a suitable story or product pitch
  • Contacting and pitching the product or client to a media outlet
  • Providing supporting information to the show’s producer including possible talking points, potential on-air questions and ideas about additional guests or show elements
  • Offering pre-show coaching for the client as needed
  • Hosting a prep day involving the taping of a practice segment to provide a TV guest with an extra level of comfort, then accompanying him or her to the studio on the day of the broadcast

To discuss the media placement needs of your business with Deborah, use the contact form and she will get back to you within 24 hours.