Live Event

Are you a business owner or an event or show planner desiring a TV program that guests will rave about even after leaving the set? After an initial consultation to discuss your live event or show needs, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates will brainstorm with you to figure out the perfect fit of personalities for your live event:

  • Casting the guests for your event or show
  • Finding a panel of expert speakers for your event or show
  • Developing a package of information about the show’s guests, including background descriptions, summaries of pre-interviews and collecting multimedia elements to serve as guidance for show’s producers
  • Procuring studio props
  • Keeping track of any necessary permissions and planning for any contingencies as well as executing tasks that must be accomplished prior to the show or event

To discuss a potential role for Deborah in the production of your live event, use the contact form and she will get back to you within 24 hours.


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