Social TV

Engaging your audience online is vital in today’s show business. Conversations that are happening before, during and after a show comprise the essence of social TV. Deborah Mitchell Media Associates can evaluate how your show meets social TV and accomplishes results in real time.

Puzzled about how to create a social TV strategy? Do you need to capture fans or spread word of your brand’s assets across multiple websites? Itching to hold a Twitter party to amplify the buzz? Deborah Mitchell Media Associates is here to help you make your social TV dreams come true with the following services:

  • Creating a second screen for viewers’ consumption of television programs and shows
  • Developing a strategy for your television program’s reach and connecting with your target viewing audience on social media platforms
  • Fostering live interaction with your show’s cast members before, during and after the show
  • Conducting live online discussions with TV talent (such as question-and-answer forums) focused on your show’s story lines and creative content
  • Promoting product integration and sponsorship for your show via social TV

To discuss with Deborah the implementation of social TV in your show, use the contact form and she will get back to you within 24 hours.