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Ready4Air (Film) | Jackson Murphy Lands Exclusive Interview With Gregg Alexander

By Jackson Murphy We haven’t heard much from Gregg Alexander, former lead singer of the pop group New Radicals, since he left the band in 1999. The musical drama Begin Again marks Alexander’s notable return to the spotlight as co-writer

Ready4Air (TV) | You’re Never Too Old for an Internship

First published on On November 17, 2014 When you hear the word internship, you probably think of young students paying their dues while working their way up the professional ladder. Most successful people will tell you that they did


Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | An Unhappy Customer Fights Back

By Michelle Lynne Madar For over 26 years, my family has banked with People’s United Bank. Once I was born, they started my first savings account. At the age of 17, I started working a part-time job and decided to open

Lyndsay Christian. TV Personality

Ready4Air (TV) | The Top 4 Things Reporters Look For When Developing A Good Story

By Lyndsay Christian The purpose of this blog post is to address the rudimentary elements reporters should consider while developing a good story. Take notes and get ready to take your storytelling to the next level. Soundbites. Soundbites add flavor

Savor The Success
NYC LIVE Mastermind: How to Master the Art of Being Interviewed, NYC 2014
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Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Women Savoring Their Success | What’s In A Good Story? | An Unhappy Customer Fights Back

November has been so busy, and we’re only in the middle of the month. But, I have to say, it’s been a good busy. One of the highlights of last week was that I had the pleasure of meeting an

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Ready4Air (Film/Culinary Cues) | Johnny Rockets Shoots For The Moon With Drive-In Theater Plan

The first drive-in movie theater opened in 1933, and at one time, there were more than 4,000 operating in the United States. Today, sadly, there are fewer than 300 drive-ins still open. However, the Johnny Rockets restaurant chain wants to change

Beyond The Lights

Ready4Air (Film) | Writer And Director Gina Prince-Bythewood Goes ‘Beyond The Lights’

Writer and director Gina Prince-Bythewood’s latest film, Beyond The Lights, opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, November 14. Fans of her debut film Love & Basketball, which is now a classic, won’t be disappointed in the new film that stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and


Ready4Air (TV) | If You Want to Land a TV Spot, Know It’s All About Timing

  First published on on November 10, 2014 Breaking news is inherently unpredictable, but regular programming is planned according to “evergreens” — topics that follow the events and festivities of the calendar year. Keeping track of the calendar makes

Voiceover Artist Bob Hennessy

Ready4Air (Gimme The Mic) | Find Your Voice: Which Type Of Voiceover Is Right For You?

  By Bob Hennessy Ladies and gentlemen, let’s start out with some basic realities. Guys, not everyone is Don LaFontaine. Ladies, not everyone is Linda Watkins (she’s the ShopRite lady, in case you didn’t know). That being said, let’s talk

2014 American Express Open Forum: CEO Bootcamp
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Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Lessons For Female Entrepreneurs | Previewing ‘Beyond The Lights’ | In VO-Know Your Voice

  I am always amazed at how quickly the weeks go by, especially when it’s the holiday season. I can’t believe it’s the start of a new week already. Just last week Monday, I was at the Sheraton Times Square

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Ready4Air (TV) | 2014: The Year The Simpsons Crossed Over

  The Simpsons is prime time TV’s longest-running scripted series. Now in its 26th season on FOX, the 31-time Emmy-winning animated comedy shows no signs of slowing down, since the showrunners have made 2014 one of the most memorable years


Ready4Air (Brands And Bloggers) | Buppy Hipster’s Tips for Self-Published Authors

  Print-on-demand technology has put the dream of having a book in the marketplace within the grasp of a growing number of new, self-published authors. One of the greatest print-on-demand success stories to emerge is Fifty Shades of Grey, which


Ready4Air (TV Production) | Keep Your Productivity Up On Business Trips With These 4 Pro Tips

First published on on November 3rd, 2014 Earlier this year, I worked on location at the Cannes Film Festival in France with the production team of Arise On Screen, the movie review show I produce. We were on a

Ready4Air (TV) | Professional Moves To Make Before You Lose Your Job

This month, I was one of several women interviewed for an article in Essence magazine about creating the third act of your professional life. The interviews featured women who were all over 50 and had their professional lives take a turn, which included

Arise On Screen, Halloween special with host Mike Sargent, film critics Justine Browning and Julian Roman

Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Do This Before You Lose A Job | Tips For Self-Publishing | November Sweeps

  The Arise On Screen film team had a little fun with Halloween when they dressed up to talk about the most controversial horror movies ever made. Host Mike Sargent was in his sci-fi element dressed in a Star Wars costume. Film