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#TBT Ready4Air | Fall Fashion Favorites For Every Closet

Fall is here and everyone is talking about fall trends. I love flipping through the magazines and seeing how trends come and go, then come again. However, the best way to shop is to avoid buying trends and keep basic,

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Brand Concept

Ready4Air (Brands And Bloggers) | Getting Your Media Kit Up To Speed

  Bloggers, meet the brands; brands meet the bloggers. A healthy relationship between future business partners should always be built on a solid foundation, as I discussed in a previous article published on But when it comes to bloggers,

Michelle Lynne Madar

Ready4Air (TV) | Television Can Be Fast Paced And I’m Learning TV On The Fly

What I’ve learned is that in the world of television, there’s not much time for the usual training you might receive at a normal job. Everything is fast paced and there’s not much time to take a pause, especially when

Arise and Shine on Arise TV
Photo Credit: Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Learning TV On The Fly | Arise And Shine In The Morning | Ladies, Savor The Success

  I want to send congratulations to the newest staff of the latest show launched on Arise TV. On Sunday, Eugenia Harvey, US Director of Programming at Arise TV; veteran executive producer Lora Wiley-Lennartz; and her team debuted the weekend morning

Actor Keanu Reeves in  the action film "John Wick"

Ready4Air (Film) | Now, When It Comes To Movie Trailers, Anything Goes!

    By Jackson Murphy I used to love movie trailers, but that was before the studios decided to turn them into mini-movies that give away too much of the film. Now we’re getting multiple trailers of the same movie, making

#TBT Ready4Air (Brands & Bloggers) | Dear Brands, Bloggers Want You To Know

Dear Brands: First, we want to tell you that WE LOVE YOU! As you know, there is nothing more amazing than a loyal customer and this letter is written from a place of love. At Deborah Mitchell Media Associates (DMMA),

Ready4Air (Brands And Bloggers) | A Buggy Situation: “What Would You Like Us To Do To Resolve This Situation?”

  As we gear up for Halloween, I thought this would be a fun post to put up. Travel can be filled with lots of surprises. The way you handle the surprises all depends on the type of traveler you

Photos: Courtesy of Lyndsay Christian

Ready4Air (TV) | Putting Your Best “Face” Forward : Maximizing Talent Appearances

  Serving as television talent for a network is a major responsibility. You’re considered “the face” of the network at public events. It’s important to be on point. There are several factors you must consider and execute to maximize the

Essence Magazine, November 2014
Photo Credit: Nay Ayache and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air The Week Ahead | Creating Your Third Act | TV Talent Putting Your Best Face Forward | A Brand’s Buggy Situation

  Happy Monday, all! First off, I want to thank Elaine Brown for writing a great piece, entitled “The 3rd Act” (page 118) for the November issue of ‪#‎EssenceMagazine‬. The article follows four women, including me, who were pushed into or


Ready4Air (Film) | When The Box Office Loses Its Mojo

By Jackson Murphy  Box Office Mojo is one of the most reliable movie news websites in the industry, giving accurate daily box office results, as well as weekend estimates before noon EST every Sunday. It also features year-by-year charts, special

The Cecil In Harlem
Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell

Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) | Congratulations To The Cecil In Harlem!

  Congratulations to The Cecil In Harlem! Well, it didn’t take long at all. One year after opening, Alexander Smalls’ latest restaurant has been named the best new restaurant in the country by Esquire magazine. I’m ecstatic the for Smalls

Ready4Air (TV) | Yes, In TV, Age Matters: “Aren’t You A Little Old To Be A Producer?”

Sometimes an unexpected question stops you dead in your tracks. Every now and then, a question leaves you pondering about it for days after. “Aren’t you a little old to be a producer?” is one of those questions. Recently, a


Ready4Air (Brands And Bloggers) | A Hotel Bumps It Up A Notch: From Grand To Luxurious (VIDEO)

  My recent, first-time trip to the Dominican Republic–where I stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana Hotels & Resorts–only got better when I upgraded my stay to the Luxury Bahia Principe Esmeralda Don Pablo Collection. The Esmeralda is one of

Control Room Arise TV
Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Ageism In TV| Where Did Box Office Mojo Go? | A Hotel Brand’s Luxury All-Inclusive

In the almost three years that I’ve been writing for Ready4Air, I’ve  focused mainly on the editorial and technical aspects of the television industry, staying away from the blaring social issues that exist in the industry. In my book, these issues

Gina Prince-Bythewood & Deborah Mitchell on the set of Arise On Screen

Ready4Air (Film) |Gina Prince-Bythewood: When A Woman Is The Writer And Director

Last month I met a rare gem in Hollywood, an African American woman who is a writer and a director, Gina Prince-Bythewood. I am a fan of her work which includes the movies Love & Basketball and Disappearing Acts, both love