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Ready4Air (Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson Finds No Saving Grace In ‘Grace of Monaco’

By Jackson Murphy It’s one of the wackiest movie rollercoaster stories of the decade. The Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as the Academy Award-winning movie star who became royalty when she married Monaco’s Prince Rainier (Tim


Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | #TBT 3 Luxuries I Left Behind When I Became an Entrepreneur

First published on On July 27, 2015 During my decades as a well-compensated network television producer, I paid all my bills on time and spent money on my share of luxuries, including pricey vacations, restaurants, fitness trainers and fancy

fantasy band collage

Ready4Air (Music) | Who’s In Your Fantasy Rock Band?

By Alexis Trass Walker Many of us like to listen to music while we’re on the go. Listening to music is a good way to make your commute pass by or to make a shopping trip less dreary. In most


Ready4Air (TV) | 5 Minutes With Fox’s ‘Empire’ Star Taraji P. Henson: What Would You Ask Her?

If you’ve ever been to a press junket, then you know that your celebrity talent is at your disposal for a limited amount of time–anywhere from four-to-five minutes on a good day. As the interviewer, your goal is to get the

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Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | #AFROPUNK: A Fashion Feast For The Eyes | What Questions Would You Ask Taraji P. Henson? | America’s Top Fantasy Bands

Happy Monday, All! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weather was beautiful and all the colorful people–including artists, designers, musicians, and folks ready to celebrate–were at this year’s AFROPUNK Festival. It was only my second time attending the

Jennifer Lawrence stars in Joy, which is scheduled to be released on Christmas Day.Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Ready4Air (Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson’s Early Awards Season Preview: Best Actress

By Jackson Murphy The Best Actress competition for the upcoming awards season is already taking shape, with The Weinstein Company getting the campaigning off to an early start, pushing Helen Mirren for her performance in the spring release Woman in

Photo Credit: Adam Fagen via Creative Commons

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | #TBT Hey Loudmouth, Keep It Down! The 4 Most Annoying Cell Phone Habits.

First published on On July 20, 2015 It is hard to imagine what we ever did without our cell phones. Today, we use our mobile devices for everything from talking to texting and, for some entrepreneurs, running an entire

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks via Creative Commons

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | Do You Suffer From Green Guilt?

By Alexis Trass Walker Do you ever pause when you drink bottled water when filtered tap water is available? Do negative thoughts gnaw at you when you throw away items that you know could be used again? Have you ever mentally kicked yourself for

Executive Producer Debbie Mitchell and Line Producer Steven Ramey in Arise On Screen control room
Photo Credit: Nick Viagas/Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (TV) | A Good TV Producer Can Make Any Business Better

Well, as they say in the business, “It’s a wrap!” My latest television production project as executive producer for the movie review show Arise On Screen is over, at least for now. We are on an indefinite hiatus, and I


Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | Hiring A Producer For Any Job | 2tvchicks Cherish Their Special Job | Suffering With Green Guilt

Happy Monday, All! The summer weekends are flying by, and before you know it, we’ll be looking at fall. Just so you know, I am not happy about that at all! As the summer winds down, so has my 2-year-old


Ready4Air (Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson: Hollywood’s 5 Biggest Summer 2015 Box Office Bombs

By Jackson Murphy There may be a few more flops before Labor Day arrives, but none worse than these five biggest summer 2015 box office bombs: 1. Ted 2 If you had told me that this sequel to the 2012 comedy

shaking hands

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | #TBT Do We Really Need to Shake Hands?

First published on On July 13, 2015 It was June 25, National Handshake Day, when I started to think about my handshake. It turns out, the way you greet someone, including your handshake, is more telling than you think.


Ready4Air (Social) | An Unhappy Customer Uses Social Media To Drive Home A Message To Hertz

This weekend, I found myself in line with a bunch of other irritated, unhappy customers as we stood in line at the JFK Airport to pick up our rental cars. I was heading to a friend’s wedding on Long Island,

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Ready4Air (TV) | 2tvchicks: One Perfect Moment In The Morning

By 2tvchicks Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I have one perfect moment in the morning. This morning was warm–finally, a warm, sunny day. I could feel the sun coming in through the window and it lit up the entire room, which

car accident

Ready4Air (The Week Ahead) | The Trip That Wouldn’t Come Together | Hertz And Their Unhappy Customers | 2tvchicks And Their Perfect Morning

Happy Monday, All! I hope your weekend was a good one, filled with memorable moments. Mine was definitely one for the books! I had a car accident–the second one in my entire driving life. Today, I am a little sore