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Ready4Air (TV) | The Teleprompter Operator: Capturing The Perfect Read

Almost any on-air talent will tell you the only thing worse than bad video and copy is being unable to read a script in the teleprompter. The teleprompter is where a show script lives and allows a host to read

Photo: Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Imitation Game" (The Weinstein Co.)

Ready4Air (Film) | For The Holidays A Fresh Batch from Benedict Cumberbatch

  By Jackson Murphy Last year, the British actor with the great name—Benedict Cumberbatch—was in five high-profile movies: “August: Osage County” (alongside Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts), “Star Trek Into Darkness” (as you know who), “The Hobbit: The Desolation of

(l) Arise On Screen Director Larry Michaels, Actor Michael Jai White and Host Michael Sargent

Ready4Air The Week Ahead |Production Meetings Matter |Operating The TV Teleprompter|Michael Jai White In The Studio

  How do you know you have a passion for your job? You know it when money doesn’t matter and you are willing to work for free! I see the passion in the Arise On Screen interns Nick, Lance, Catherine,

Haiti Uncovered by Chef Nadege Fleurimond

Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) | 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Haitian Cuisine

Today we welcome back Chef Nadege Fleurimond to the Culinary Cues spotlight. Chef Fleurimond has been super busy this year and now we can see the end result of all her hard work. She’s been working on a new cookbook

Remembering 9/11

Repost | Ready4Air | September 11 – This Producer Remembers…

  I’m writing this post today because I couldn’t settle down and find the words to write it last week when the world took time to remember eleven years since the 9-11 terrorist attack. It’s hard to imagine that eleven

Lyndsay Christian

Ready4Air (Social Media) |Breaking News: Social Media: On the Scene

By Lyndsay Christian In the world of social media, everything happens in a lickety split.  News travels fast, which means reporters must be on point.  In the wake of a newsworthy “live” moment, what should reporters tweet, post to Facebook

Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight Rises"

Ready4Air (Film) | Morgan Freeman : The Supporting Actor of Our Lifetime

By Jackson Murphy Morgan Freeman is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, with more than 100 credits over a career that is celebrating it’s 50th year. Three of Freeman’s five Oscar nominations were in the Best Actor category

Meredith Vieira and Debbie Mitchell, Interview at" LIVES with Meredith" YouTube channel launch party

Ready4Air The Week Ahead |Good Luck Meredith Vieira |Using Social Media Live On The Scene | The Purpose Of Production Meetings

When I first met Meredith Vieira almost a year ago at the launch of her YouTube channel, “LIVES with Meredith”,  I wasn’t disappointed. She was exactly as I imagined her to be, warm, welcoming and funny. Definite characteristics of a


Repost | Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) | Feeding the Caffeine Gene

This morning’s Foodie Friday is courtesy of my yoga buddy and fellow java lover  Stacy China who takes us on her latest journey to feed her caffeine gene. By Stacy China Ever since my last birthday, I have been beset by a


#TBT Ready4Air (Live Events Production)| Fashion Week: Two Years Later

It’s been two years since the Fashion Week runways left the tents of Bryant Park for their latest home Lincoln Center. I covered the last Fashion Week shows under the tents for CBS News “The Early Show” in a snowy February 2010

2014 Sweet Suite Conference Media Panel
Photo Credit: Robert Thompson /Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) |Blogger Bash And Sweet Suite 2014: Getting The TV Message Across (VIDEO)

Whether you are appearing as a guest on a TV show or speaking before a crowd, you always wonder if your message resonates with your audience. As I gear up to speak before several different groups before the end of this

Reese Witherspoon in "Wild"

Ready4Air (Film) | Reese’s Pieces of Work: Is Another Oscar In Her Future?

By Jackson Murphy Last year, Tom Hanks had the potential of scoring Oscar nominations for two high-profile roles: the title character in “Captain Phillips” and Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks”. While many experts, including myself, thought Hanks was at-least

Debbie Mitchell at Riverside Creamery Photo Credit: Lora Wiley/Deborah Mitchell Media Associates
Debbie Mitchell at Riverside Creamery
Photo Credit: Lora Wiley/Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air The Week Ahead | Happy Labor Day !!!

  I’m sad that summer is winding down. So to cheer myself up, I needed two ice cream cones with two scoops each. LOL! Just kidding about the ice cream. But I am sorry to see summer go. I spent

Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly in "Begin Again"

Ready4Air (Film) | It’s Quiet At The Movies This Labor Day Week-End

  By Jackson Murphy Once again, Labor Day Weekend is a bare one at the movies, with just two new releases, neither of which will light up the box office. They are Relativity Media’s Pierce Brosnan action film “The November

La Figa web-0017

Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) | Repost: A Book Brings Food and Love To Life

“Eat well and make love” are words to live by food artist Chef Tiberio Simone. He is the man behind the beautiful book of sensual photography La Figa: Visions of Food and Form.  Simone, a vibrant Italiano and James Beard Award winner, has been