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Ready4Air: (Brands and Bloggers)|Carnival’s Fathom: Sun, Fun And Travel With A Purpose

Land, ho! The Fathom Adonia pulled into Amber Cover, Puerto Plata after departing the Port of Miami two days before. It was the third sail for Fathom, the newest cruise ship in the Carnival line, that offers passengers the opportunity

Ready4Air: (Brands and Bloggers) |Fathom Travel: Cruising With A Social Conscience

I was invited to cruise for a purpose. Thanks, Fathom Travel for providing this impact + travel opportunity. As always, opinions are my own. It turns out the second time was the charm when it came to a few blogger

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) |Sweet Swag From #SweetSuite15, Toys And Games For The Holidays

By Alexis Trass Walker From a toddler climbing inside a box and pretending that it is a spaceship to a teenager enamored with the latest video game, kids love toys. Understatement of the millennium, I know. But isn’t it true

Ready4Air (Film) |Hollywood Struggles To Find A Comedy : Lights-Camera-Jackson Says “I’m Not Laughing”

  By definition, a comedy is “intended to make an audience laugh”. “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig goes by a very similar standard, tweeting, “A comedy’s a film whose #1 goal is to make people laugh. If that wasn’t the filmmakers’

Ready4Air (Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson With Your Ultimate 2016 Animated Movie Guide

  By Jackson Murphy I seem to make this statement every year, but it does seem like we’re about to enter one of the biggest, and potentially best years in the history of Animated Movies. The crowded 2016 line-up already

Ready4Air (Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson asks Double Trouble for Awards Contenders?

  By Jackson Murphy Could having two spotlight movies backfire for some actors and studios as we approach Awards Season? Cate Blanchett is currently experiencing this problem, as the praise she’s receiving for her lead actress performance in “Carol” (Opening

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) | 4 Ways to Stay Confident as a First-Time Entrepreneur

  By Deborah Mitchell First published in on October 5, 2015 When you are the boss, there is usually no one to pat you on the back for doing a good job or guide you through the daily obstacles of

Ready4ir (Film) |Lights-Camera-Jackson on The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Hits A Milestone: (EXCLUSIVE)

By Jackson Murphy If you are like me (and, if so, we’re in the minority), you stay to the end of the credits of every movie you see. Not only does this practice mean you occasionally get rewarded with a

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) |The Real Breast Cancer Awareness Message in The Month Of October

By Rhonda M. Smith As another Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end, I reflect back on all the events, activities, and media coverage that have brought attention to the cause and what October represents. This year, in particular,

Ready4Air (Film) |Lights-Camera-Jackson on A24 Leading the Independent Pack

  By Jackson Murphy When movie studios are evaluated at the end of 2015, Universal (“Jurassic World”, “Furious 7”, “Minions”) and Disney (“Avengers”, “Inside Out”, “Star Wars”) will clearly receive top honors for having the biggest box office success. But,

Ready4Air (Social) |#TBT How One Entrepreneur Grew a Global Business From Her Facebook Friends

  First published in By Deborah Mitchell When Evita Turquoise Robinson first shared her passion for travel on Facebook with 100 like-minded travelers four years ago, she couldn’t have imagined what it would become. The group, Nomadness Travel Tribe,

Ready4Air (Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson on Locking-In One Oscar Category Now

By Jackson Murphy This year’s Oscar voters, particularly the nominating committee, will have a more difficult time than ever evaluating the many performances in the four acting categories and narrowing them down to just five. The same amount of frustration

Ready4Air (Brands and Bloggers) 3 Signs That You Should Shut Down Your Business

First appeared in SEPTEMBER 08, 2015 By Deborah Mitchell I haven’t spoken to an entrepreneur yet who has not thought about walking away from a business at one time or another, especially if the business is only a few years

Ready4Air (Film) | Happy National Boss’s Day: Americans Choose Their Favorite Bosses on Film

October 16 is National Boss’s Day, so if you have a boss, who you love or hate, today is the day to honor them.  Americans chimed in to honor their favorite and not so favorite bosses of film in a

Ready4Air(Film) | Lights-Camera-Jackson on Why “Star Wars” Will Ruin the Holidays

By Jackson Murphy On December 18, 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar opened. The Oscar-winning adventure about the tall and noisy blue people on Pandora became the highest-grossing domestic release of all-time and single-handedly forced every studio to either make or convert