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Film critics Raqiyah Mays and Bobby Rivers having fun backstage Photo credit: Nick Viagas and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates
Film critics Raqiyah Mays and Bobby Rivers having fun backstage
Photo credit: Nick Viagas and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (Social Media) | A Photographer Gets Close To The People Before The Lens

At Arise On Screen, I am the production photographer–a name I made up. Nobody not named “Nick Viagas” has ever called me that. I’m Mike Sargent’s intern, who fell into the lovely job of taking photos of our Saturday tapings

The Boxtrolls (2014)
Focus Features and Laika Animation

Ready4Air (Film) |Lights-Camera-Jackson Reveals Stop-Motion Animation’s Best Films

  By Jackson Murphy The Boxtrolls, the latest animated creation from Focus Features and Laika Animation, opened this weekend. Believe it or not, it will be only the twelfth major stop-motion animated film ever released. While I didn’t see 2001’s Monkeybone,

Arise On Screen set before taping.
Photo Credit: Nick Viagas and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air The Week Ahead|Tips From A TV Production Photographer |The TV Job Hunt Pep Talk | 5 Things to Do Before Saying ‘I Do’ to a Business Partner

 Happy first week of fall, everybody! Since it’s all about being more social and posting interesting information and photos, we’ve all had to become used to having our pictures taken. On our set, resident Arise On Screen photographer Nick Viagas,

Milford's green market. Photo Credit: Debbie Mitchell and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) |Summer Memories From The Farmers Market

With summer officially over, I’m thinking about all the great things about the season that I will miss. Top on the list is the bounty from a farmers market. My last visit to a farmers market was Labor Day weekend

Ioan Gruffudd in "Forever"

Ready4Air (TV) | “Forever” Won’t Last That Long

  By Jackson Murphy The fall TV season is here, and that means a new crop of shows set to vie for big ratings. ABC felt confident enough to release pilot episodes of two new programs, the comedy Selfie and

Executive Producer Debbie Mitchell with Falcon Rising star Michael Jai White
Photo Credit: Nick Viagas and Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Ready4Air (Film) |Spending Saturday Morning With Action Hero Michael Jai White

Falcon Rising star Michael Jai White stopped by the Arise On Screen studio a few weeks ago and sat down for a chat with our host Michael Sargent. Director Larry Michaels took time out from the control room to get a photo as White talked about


#Repost | Ready4Air |A Birthday Reflection: The Choices We Make…..

By Marian Rivman The choices we make as young adults can profoundly affect the rest of our lives. The seminal seed of the woman I grew to be was planted during an assembly in my senior year at the Bronx High

Michelle Lynne Madar and Briana Montalvo at Arise Tv

Ready4Air (Social Media) | Creating Social Media Buzz For Arise On Screen

By Michelle Lynne Madar My social media job for Arise On Screen usually begins on Wednesdays when I start following the films on Twitter that we will be reviewing that weekend. I follow them, retweet, and favorite anything to do

Photo Credits: Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Ready4Air (Film) |Buongiorno From The 2014 Venice International Film Festival

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi  I’m delighted to be Arise On Screen’s European film critic, and as an aficionado of the alluring Venice Film Festival, I’d like to share how my sixth Venetian coverage went. 2014’s Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, as director

A selfie of Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi with Roy Anderson. Photo Credits: Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Ready4Air The Week Ahead |Is Shonda Rhimes Really Angry? |The Venice Film Festival |Being TV Social Media Savvy

Bye bye, summer. Oh, how I hate to see you go. Tuesday is the first day of autumn, so hello, fall! For many, the change of season and the crisp, cool days bring much more time spent indoors watching television and on-demand


#TBT | Ready4Air (TV) | What Makeup Can’t Hide: A Reporter Tells Her Story

When I was at The Early Show on CBS News, I didn’t have the privilege of working with reporter Hattie Kauffman because she was based on the West Coast and I was in New York. However, we share mutual friends and I’ve

Ready4Air (TV) | The Teleprompter Operator: Capturing The Perfect Read

Almost any on-air talent will tell you the only thing worse than bad video and copy is being unable to read a script in the teleprompter. The teleprompter is where a show script lives and allows a host to read

Photo: Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Imitation Game" (The Weinstein Co.)

Ready4Air (Film) | For The Holidays A Fresh Batch from Benedict Cumberbatch

  By Jackson Murphy Last year, the British actor with the great name—Benedict Cumberbatch—was in five high-profile movies: “August: Osage County” (alongside Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts), “Star Trek Into Darkness” (as you know who), “The Hobbit: The Desolation of

(l) Arise On Screen Director Larry Michaels, Actor Michael Jai White and Host Michael Sargent

Ready4Air The Week Ahead |Production Meetings Matter |Operating The TV Teleprompter|Michael Jai White In The Studio

  How do you know you have a passion for your job? You know it when money doesn’t matter and you are willing to work for free! I see the passion in the Arise On Screen interns Nick, Lance, Catherine,

Haiti Uncovered by Chef Nadege Fleurimond

Ready4Air (Culinary Cues) | 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Haitian Cuisine

Today we welcome back Chef Nadege Fleurimond to the Culinary Cues spotlight. Chef Fleurimond has been super busy this year and now we can see the end result of all her hard work. She’s been working on a new cookbook